It’s all about the COB!

You will now see many of LED products around quoting COB as their LED light source. COB means "chip on board". As a light source, a COB LED has many small LED sources mounted on a single board, thereby acting more of a single course of light, as an alternative to wash fixtures that use multiple individual LEDs to achieve the same light output.

COB LED's can be single colour or mixed, just like the smaller individual LEDs. There are RGB 3-in-1 versions, RGBW 4-in-1, 5-in-1's and HEX RGBWAUV 6-in-1 in COB format. Additionally, like in the Light Emotion Professional Profiles and fresnels, COB LEDs can also be warm white, cool white or a mixture of both to achieve variable colour temperature light output. Just like single LEDs, a COB LED can also be UV.


The main advantage of COB LED sources is that the COB LED, combined with the lens on a product, act more like a traditional lamped fixture in terms of the light output, especially when compared to fixtures using multiple LEDs. This helps provide more vibrant light, and better colour mixing in multi-coloured fixtures.


Light Emotion and Light Emotion Professional have a range of COB fixtures, including the COB150RGBW 150w COB LED 4-in-1 wash, COB100UV COB 100w UV, FRES200WW 200w warm white fresnel and ZOOM180RGBW 180w RGBW COB LED zoom wash.