Light Emotion LEDPIN1X3MK2 LED Pinspot 1x3W White LED.

Brand: Light Emotion
Product Code: LEDPIN1X3MK2
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Light Emotion LED Pinspot 1x3W White LED.

Combining old technology with new the LED pin spot uses super bright LED’s with a 12 degree beam angle to create a genuine pin spot. The sturdy ABS case surrounds a long life, very low heat, high output fixture. The light also comes with hanging bracket and additional 6 degree beam angle lens for tighter beams.
Great when used in multiples for clubs and venues and ideal for lighting up mirror balls or truss. Suits any situation where a small concentrated light source is needed.


* LED: 1 X 3W white LED
* Lens: 12 degree & 6 degree for option
* Power input: AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
* Dimensions / Weight: 158x76x62mm / 500grams
* Weight: 0.5kgs

Shipping Volume: .003cbm
Shipping Weight: 1kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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