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You will now see many of LED products around quoting COB as their LED light source. COB means "chip on board". As a light source, a COB LED has many small LED sources mounted on a single board, ther ..

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The new Light Emotion website has gone live. Featuring all Light Emotion products, the new website will be your one-stop place for all you need to know about all ..

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Sydney NSW — LSW is pleased to announce that the warranty offered for 24 Light Emotion products including Light Emotion LED lighting effects, Light Emotion LED par cans and Light Emotion lighting cont ..

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Light Emotion moving heads are back and are better than ever – with the new LX60SPOT and LX90SPOT LED moving heads. The LX60SPOT features a 60w white LED source, while the LX90SPOT uses a bright 90W w ..

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