Light Emotion VIVIDUV Compact LED UV Wash with 12 x 3W UV LED, DMX.

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Light Emotion Compact LED UV Wash with 12 x 3W UV LED, DMX.

The VIVIDUV is a very compact remote controlled LED wash light with the output of larger professional products. Using 12 3w UV (ultra violet) LEDs, this light produces vivid UV that will make whites and bright colours appear to glow in the dark.

The light features a four digit digital LED program display which gives easy access to built in programs including patterns, strobing and fading.

At the size of a rockmelon, this compact fixture looks great in multiples and is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in and off you go - instant light show. Add fog for spooky Halloween effects!


* LEDs: 12 3w UV (ultra violet) LEDs
* Control: Sound activated, master/slave, stand alone, DMX 7 channel
* Includes: Hanging bracket
* Construction: ABS plastic
* Connections: 3 pin male and female XLR for DMX
* Size: 128x128x128mm
* Weight: 0.6kg
Shipping Volume: .002cbm
Shipping Weight: 1kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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