Light Emotion Z1500W 1500w Wireless Fogger

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Light Emotion 1500w Wireless Fogger

The Light Emotion 1500w Wireless Fogger is perfect for parties, DJs and events where you want a machine with grunt plus the added flexibility of having a wireless remote. Using the included wireless remote control, the fogger can be located in placed you normally can't with wired remotes - such as mounted in stands or on a shelf away from the operator. With a huge 1500w of fog output, this fogger will provide enough smoke to enhance all your lighting effects while a spraying distance of 12m means fog will quickly reach where you need it to go - great for larger venues and even outdoors.


* Power: 1500w
* Warm up time: 6 minutes
* Output: 20000 cubic feet / minute
* Tank Capacity: 2L
* Spray Distance: 12.0m
* Controller: Wired and wireless
* Weight: 6.0kg
* Dimensions: 465x225x190mm
Shipping Volume: .02cbm
Shipping Weight: 6kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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