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You will now see many of LED products around quoting COB as their LED light source. COB means "chip on board". As a light source, a COB LED has many small LED sources mounted on a single board, ther ..

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The new Light Emotion website has gone live. Featuring all Light Emotion products, the new website will be your one-stop place for all you need to know about all ..

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Light Emotion moving heads are back and are better than ever – with the new LX60SPOT and LX90SPOT LED moving heads. The LX60SPOT features a 60w white LED source, while the LX90SPOT uses a bright 90W w ..

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After being in the market for just one year, the Light Emotion FLAT1212 6-in-1 wash fixture has established itself as a market leader in the professional lighting industry. The FLAT1212 features 12 ..

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